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  • One Rep Max Calculator
    Below is a one-rep max calculator – you focus on the athlete/lifting and we’ll take care of the maths.
  • What is better sumo vs regular deadlifts?
    The deadlift is one of the best exercises for building muscle strength and size across your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back) But what are the differences between sumo … Read more
  • Goblet squat vs sumo squat
    Trying to build up your legs but not sure which squat variation to use?  This goblet squat vs sumo squat article is going to help you decide. Are … Read more
  • Sled pushes vs pulls – all you need to know
    Sled pushes and pulls used to be purely for strongmen, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for general population training, and for sports performance.  Here’s what you need to … Read more
  • Do sled pulls make you faster?
    Sled pulls are a simple and effective tool to improve speed, strength and power.  But how do you use and programme them to improve your sprinting speed. This … Read more
  • Leg press vs squats: pros & cons
    Leg Press vs squats, a battle for the ages! Both exercises are common lower body options, but what are the main pros and cons, and which one is … Read more

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  • Best Weightlifting Shoes
    The best weightlifting shoes are crucial for your safety and performance. With so many different styles, brands, colours, and sizes to choose from it can be hard to … Read more