Resource Page for Sport Science Students & Applied Practitioners

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This page contains a selection of well-respected resources for sport science students and applied practitioners in the following areas: General Sport Science Professional Development Strength & Conditioning Biomechanics Psychology Physiology Statistics and Data Analysis Where to Look for Jobs in Sport Science The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) The British Association of … Read more

Olympian Ollie Dingley: Sport Science and Pushing Past Your Limits

Olympian Ollie Dingley is an Irish diver who competed at the Olympic Games in Rio and is about to represent his country for the second time in Tokyo.

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Tips for Coaches – A Motor Learning Perspective

As a golf professional I’ve spent thousands of hours trying to perfect my own ability to hit a golf ball and countless hours trying to coach others. 11 years ago I decided to head back to university to learn more about how we control and learn movements. I’ve spent the past 10 years lecturing in … Read more

Weightlifting for Athletes

As someone who works as both a weightlifting and strength & conditioning coach, I find myself pretty uniquely positioned to talk about how weightlifting movements can be integrated into the training of athletes. In this article, we’re going to start by clarifying which physical characteristics weightlifting movements actually develop, and why these are beneficial for … Read more

Performance Coaching & Skill Acquisition in Elite Golf

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Golf is a peculiar sport for many reasons, but one which is often missed is the coach – player relationship. Golf has to be one of the few sports where sub-elite and elite players spend >90% of their practice time without a coach present. They are often left to manage 30+ hours of weekly practice time.

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