Force-Velocity Curve

Force velocity curve

The force velocity curve is simply a way to visualise the inverse relationship between force and velocity. This relationship states that if someone generates maximal force in an exercise, then they will generate very little velocity, and similarly if someone generates maximal velocity in an exercise, then they will generate very little force.

Linear Vs Block Vs Undulating Periodization: It Matters Less Than You Might Think

Types of periodization are a hot topic within strength and conditioning and sports performance.  Some coaches argue that linear periodization is the best thing since sliced bread, whilst others swear blind that we should all be using block periodization or undulating or whatever other method they happen to like. The truth is though, that it … Read more

Muscle Fibers Explained: Type I and Type II (Slow & Fast Twitch)

muscle fiber structure header

In this article we will explain muscle fibers, what they are, the different types and how they impact our performance.

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