Box squat vs regular squat – Your Guide

Regular squats work through a full range of motion at the knee, whereas box squats reduce or vary this range of motion by altering the height of the box that you squat to.

Who should do box squats?

A box squat is defined as any squatting exercise or variation in which the lifter sits their bottom onto a box before driving back up to a standing position.

Illinois Agility Test (IAT)

The Illinois Agility Test

The Illinois agility test is a popular test that requires you to sprint and change direction around multiple obstacles. In this article, we’re going to cover how to set up and conduct the test. We’ll also provide normative data and answer common questions on the test. What is the Illinois agility test? The Illinois agility … Read more

CrossFit vs Weightlifting – Which is Better for You?

Crossfit is one the biggest fitness phenomenons on the planet, whilst weightlifting is an old-school sport that’s suddenly starting to make a resurgence in popularity.  This article is all about which one is best for you.  We’re going to cover: CrossFit vs Weightlifting The main difference between crossfit and weightlifting is in the type and … Read more

Intermediate Weightlifting Program

The Sport Science Insider Intermediate Texas OWL Method

You’re looking for an intermediate weightlifting program, so I can probably fairly assume that you’ve been training for a while, and now want to find a program that properly matches your needs so that you can optimise your progress. That’s gonna be today’s focus.  Here’s exactly what we’re going to cover: Weightlifting or Weight Lifting? … Read more

What is the learning effect in research and testing?

The learning effect is a phenomenon observed in many areas of testing and research that surround human performance with a physical or cognitive capacity. In this article we’ll explain the learning effect, when it can become an issue and how to account for it.

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Speed Training For Athletes: Tips, Drills & Workout Plan

Speed training is training that improves how fast you get from point A to point B.  

Within most sports and athletic pursuits, speed tends to refer to top end speed, i.e. how fast you can sprint. 

How Many Learning Stages are There?

If you’re wondering how many stages of learning there are, then this article is for you! There has been a great deal of research and study on the topic and we will explore the various theories.

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T-Test Agility Drill: How to Perform & Measure

t-test agility drill

The t-test is a popular way to measure athletes ability to change direction forwards, backwards and side to side.

It requires athletes to sprint forwards 10 yards, shuffle to the left 5 yards, then shuffle to the right 10 yards, then shuffle back to the left 5 yards and then run backwards to return to the start/finish line.