One Rep Max Calculator

Below is a one-rep max calculator – you focus on the athlete/lifting and we’ll take care of the maths.

Enter the weight lifted and reps into the grey box and we’ll calculate the 1RM and various other sub-maximal weightings based on the most commonly used sport science methods.

To find out why we have set out our calculator in this way click here.

The design behind this 1 RM calculator

As coaches and sport scientists we need to test athletes in a safe and meaningful way. Testing 1 rep maxes can be dangerous, therefore we often use submaximal testing in order to estimate 1RM levels for a given lift.

We then wish to create a plan at an athlete’s 1 RM, or at 80, 70, or 60% of an athlete’s 1RM. This 1 RM calculator allows you to enter an athlete’s submaximal data and quickly find out 1 RMs and lower percentages of that 1 RM.

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